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Best Family Camping Tents| Tents That Fit The Whole Family Comfortably

Whether the family you take camping is you, a spouse and three kids, or your siblings or your close friends, one thing that you have to think about is housing, and the purchase of family camping tents should be high on your list of camping priorities. Good family camping tents can make your camping experience a great deal more comfortable and by making sure that you have the right one for your situation, you can have a great time wherever you've decided to rough it.Family camping tents, family tents,6 Person Tent With Front Screen.

 Family Camping Tents Are the Best Way to Get Closer As a Family Unit

Typically, family tents are large, roomy and will comfortably hold at least three to four people, preferably more. Remember that this does mean that three or four people can just sleep in the tent; this essentially means that three or four people should be able to move inside the tent without getting in each other's way. While a five foot by four foot dome tent can sleep three adults who are very comfortable with each other, this is by no means a family tent of any sort!Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Camping Tent.

Most family camping tents have several "rooms" that are separated by dividers and you will often have plenty of features in terms of large windows made of mesh that can be zipped over, a relatively high peak and awnings that you can spread out as sunshades during the heat of the day.

Tents Should Have Some Type of Water Repellent Design

Any good tent that you take camping with you should have a good water-shedding design; look at the tent critically and make sure that every place that will touch water will be able to hold taut; your tent needs to be able to wick moisture away from the things inside.

There are several styles of tents that are meant for family use. Cabin tents are vertical and have a high ceiling. They are wonderful for space and for the feeling that you have brought a bit of the outdoors home with you, but they are less effective in inclement weather. Dome tents that are meant for family use usually feel a bit more cramped, even if the square footage is the same, but they are a great deal more efficient when it comes to shedding water.

Family Dome Tents Are Your Easiest for Set up and Tear down

Dome tents for families will also have a quicker setup and tear down time, although they are not as luxurious as the cabin tent styles. Columbia is one company that has both models, while Mt. Kinman has an extremely spacious three room family tent with an attached screened room to tents,family Camping,Three Tents Set up Side by Side.

Types of Family Tents You Can Choose from:

  • Cabin-style tents: This allows you for an easy in out access with an upright style. They have a more vertical style of walls, which creates more of a living space. Some of these tents come with an option of room dividers or an awning.
  • Dome-style tents: If you like the backpacking Dome style of tenant then knees are the larger version which offers great strength with good wind shedding abilities. These are great for bad weather when it sneaks up on you. The walls tend to have more of a slight slope, which reduces your livable area.
  • Screen rooms and sun shelters: These are a great set up for covering your picnic table or having a quick set up for the beach. They're great for camping, as some do have netting, allowing you to eat indoors and not be bothered by bugs, the only downside is it's not a protection for rain.

One complaint that many people have about camping is the fact that pests like raccoons will get into their food. You can keep the pests away a little more efficiently if you put your supplies in your tent. Moreover, you'll have a great place to store bedding; it's always nice to have a place to undress and get settled for bed without bringing half of the forest into the bed with you! High Sierra Appalachian Family Cabin Camping Tent:weather resistant 2-room family cabin tent.

 Choosing the Right Tent Depends on What Kind of Camping You Plan to Do

When you are thinking about taking a good look at "family camping tents", make sure that you find a model that is right for you and your clan. Do some research and think about the kind of camping you want to do? Are you hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail, or are you simply camping on the edge of a national park for a few days? We here at want to help you with information and resources so that you can find the right camping equipment and tents for your needs.

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