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Bed Tents allow you to enjoy the pleasures of camping inside your own bedroom. How do you accomplish that? It’s quite easy. Basically, you just place a tent on top of your own (or your kids’) bed. It might sound kind of strange, but believe me when I tell you: they will surely love it. If you’re looking for something different, have a look at these indoor bed tents.bed tents,bunk bed tents,Bunk bed with tent.

Bed tents are cheap, affordable fun

First the good news: these bed tents are quite cheap. Considering they won’t be standing outdoors in the wild, they don’t require any special fabrics, as they won’t have to endure bucket loads of water, snow nor wind. As for the bad news… well… there really are none. Maybe you’ll have a hard time convincing your kids to let you take the tent away from their bed, but that’s about it.

Bed Tents Allow Kids to Use Their Imagination to Explore a New Adventure

If you want to treat your kids with an unexpected surprise, consider offering them a "bed tent". We all know how kids like to explore. Allowing them to have a tent right there in their bedroom will be enough to make them imagine endless adventures.

The tent bed is a great gift idea for children of all ages. They are bright and colorful and invoke the power of their imagination. The tents are one of the best ways for children to interact with other children or their siblings. There are many themes related to these tent that the most popular bed tents for kids have a wide variety of themes from racer cars, secret Castle, spaceship, SpongeBob SquarePants to a fun and colorful girls ladybug and Princess. These tents are manufactured to be both waterproof and fireproof. They are small and compact and can be packed for traveling.

Features to Look for in Your Children's Bed Tents:

  • Flame Retardant Fabrics: Safety for your children always comes first.
  • Double zipper construction: Look for a zipper construction that is double. This gives you more strength and long-lasting durability. Also a wide opening is a great feature for accessibility.
  • Interior pockets: in pockets allow for small storage spaces for your children.
  • Mesh Windows:  This is a great feature for adding ventilation, and also gives you easy viewing.
  • Tent pole system: The tent poles should be made with good constructed material and design to be up and out of the way of child.NASCAR Tony Stewart Bed Tent:Mesh top for excellent ventilation and lighting.

Kids Love to Have Their Own Private Tent

 Who said kids these days only enjoyed video games? See how they react to having their own tent. It will be enough to keep them occupied for a long time – and you won’t have to beg them to stay in their bedrooms anymore.

The Best Kids Tents, Fun Backyard Camping For The Children
Kids Tents Are Fun; its as simple as that. If you recall your younger years, you will realize how important it is to have some adventure in your life. If you want your kids to get used to camping, offering them their own kids tent.Though most tents can now easily be set up in just a few minutes by a single person, it’s advisable to let them do it for themselves – offering assistance when/if needed.

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