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The Best Cabin Tents, Super-sized Tent Camping for the Whole Family to Enjoy

You will be amazed with modern cabin tents. Though most people picture traditional A-frame 2 person tents or small dome tents when asked to imagine a camping trip, there are a lot more tents out there than meet the eyes. Enter the world of family-sized camping: cabin tents suitable for entire families and more. If you were worried about how you were going to comfortably accommodate 7 or 8 persons inside a single tent, you’ll be please to know that’s not a problem.Cabin tents,cabin tents with screened porches,Glamping cabin tent with screen porch .

 Large Family Cabin Tents Bring the Family Closer Together As a Unit

Large family tents are perfect for setting up camp for a large number of people. Instead of setting up a number of smaller tents, some people prefer a large cabin tent where they can all socialize. Of course, if you value your privacy more than your social life, you might want to keep a couple of self-assembling dome tents in your truck – just in case someone needs to get some sleep away from the talking, singing and laughing at the main cabin.

Cabin Tents Are the Perfect Choice for a Full-Size Family

Cabin tents are a great choice if you are trying to look for a tent for a full-size family. They are designed to be very spacious tents and built tall enough to stand up and. They have the interior room that will allow you to put in cots and other camping gear for storage. Some outdoor cabin tents are designed to have interior dividing walls, giving you separate rooms for more privacy.

Some will offer a large awning that will provide shade and protection for the tent for any weather conditions. Cabin tents are not a great choice for backpacking as they are heavier than your regular dome tents or even smaller backpacking tents.

Newer Cabin Tents Are Using Upgraded Lighter Nylon or Polyester Fabric Blends

The newer cabin tents are using newer fabrics made of nylon or polyester blends and adding large windows and screens to help with the cross ventilation airflow that is needed to keep it cool in the hotter weather and to keep it aired out to keep condensation down. The older canvas tents are a lot heavier and more difficult (taking more than one person) to set up.Capricorn 8 Person X-large Family Camping cabin Tent with Bonus Camp Guides.

Family Cabin Tents Features to look for:

  • Dry rain protection system.
  • Reflective door trim and guy outs for visibility at night time.
  • Cycle venting (help increase circulation throughout the tent).
  • Having a large bay window that can be opened during rain.
  • Self-healing nylon zippers.
  • Interior storage (internal pockets, cup holders and gear storage).
  • Easy setup (look for color-coded poles and sleeves).
  • Carry bag with wheels(EZ pack)
  • Tub floor (for flooding protection during rain)

Large Cabin Tents Come in Numerous Styles and Designs

No matter what your needs are, finding the right tent for you and your family won’t be a problem. There’s a large number of camping gear manufacturers specialized in large cabin tents, and you can easily browse their catalogs online, filtering out the tents by style, number of persons, or any other feature you may want or not. The important thing is, don’t stop camping just because your family has grown beyond your expectations. When it comes to camping, the more the merrier.

Family Camping Tents| Finding Family Tents That Fits The Whole Family Comfortably
Good Family Camping Tents can make your camping experience a great deal more comfortable. Having the right tent equipment is a must.Typically, family tents are large, roomy and will comfortably hold at least three to four people, preferably more.

Canvas Tents| Wall Tents, Natural Fiber Protection For the Great Outdoors
Have you ever thought about Canvas Tents? Natural Fibers breathe well, allowing your tent to remain cool and to avoid getting stuffy.The other big question many people have about tents made from canvas is whether or not they'll leak.

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