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Best Storage Tents|Your Portable Outdoor Storage Tents for Outdoor Protection

Storage Tents are quite useful. When you don’t have enough garage space for your stuff, this is probably the best alternative to store a boat, gardening equipment, or any other type of machinery. You can even use a storage tent as a portable garage if you have to, ensuring your vehicle is protected from harsh environment conditions. In fact, some people prefer having this sort of temporary storage space rather than actually building bulky and expensive sheds and garages.Space Saving Outdoor Storage Optimal size (74in wide x 30in deep x 65in high) to easily stash bikes, pool floats and supplies, kids toys, long handled garden tools and other outdoor gear.

Storage Tents Give You Larger Dimensions for More Square Footage Storage Space

Besides its larger dimensions and extra ruggedness, these storage tents look just like any other regular camping tent. They might also take a bit more time to set up, as these are not designed for quick deployment and re-packing. They also tend to have a lot more supporting cables and rigid structures – which are handy if you plan to use it as a semi-permanent shelter. It really depends on how you intend to use it. ShelterLogic Shed and Storage Series Shed-In-A-Box:Efficient and affordable way to store motorcycles, ATVs, lawn/garden tractors, snowmobiles.

 What are the basics for choosing a good storage shelter?

The first thing when choosing the right shelter is to determine what you need to cover , and what you may want to use the shelter for. One thing that should be taken into consideration is the type of weather patterns that you typically have in your area. If you are living in area that gets medium to heavy weight snowfalls then you may consider a portable garage with sidewalls. Although if you are living in a more moderate climate area you may simply want to just cover your equipment to protect from the sun, then you would just need a canopy cover.

 What's available for outdoor shelters?

  • Pop-up Tent Canopies: pop-up canopies or tents are very good choices for decks, backyard events, patios, and even special sporting events. Very good choice for vendor tents at trade shows or outdoor farmers markets.
  • Tent Canopies: canopies are your best choice for seasonal shade. For protection of your trucks, cars, boats, or if you have a backyard get-together or special events you want to protect.
  • Tent Sheds: sheds are used for covering smaller equipment such as sports vehicles, snowmobiles, gardening equipment or even your ATV.
  • Tent Garages: Garage storage tents are great for when you want to protect your boat, truck, ATV or even snowmobile. Tent Garages are also an ideal storage area for your gardening equipment.
  • Storage shelters: this is your large storage tents that help you store your trailers, RVs to the bigger industrial equipment and recreational vehicles.

What's the Best Way to Measure for Your Storage Tent?

Once you've determined what you are going to store and what type of equipment you may put inside of your tent shelter, you will need to take some measurements. Make sure you take the proper measurements for your equipment or vehicle to help you determine the size of shelter you will need. When you are measuring take the full length and width of your vehicle or equipment from end to end(this would include a trailer if so equipped) and then evaluate which best shelter will fit your particular needs.32ftx16ft Heavy Duty Wedding Party Tent Canopy Carport White.

If you are looking for a seasonal cover for just shade or seasonal storage than the canopies are great choice, as they are quick to set up and overall more cost-effective. Remember that they do not offer the protection that you would get from a full grad tent or shed.

Storage Tent Accessories That Can Be Helpful:

  • Tent Kits for Rollup Doors: This is a great way to give you access to the interior of your shelter. It allows you to have an open and close door system by the poll of a cord. Kits are manufactured with double zippered door, fabric for graduates, sheds and shelters. This allows you to move your storage equipment in and out of your shelter easily.
  • Tent Canopy Enclosure Kits: This is an additional option that helps you to quickly transform your outdoor canopy tent into a completely enclosed shelter structure. The rollup door kits also provide security for your equipment and give you protection for all weather conditions. Kits are easy to install and usually only take 10 to 15 min to install.
  • Tent Anchor Kits: Anchor kits are a great benefit for securing your shelter to the ground. The anchors will dig into the grass or the unpacked soil giving you a strong and secure anchor for the shelter. They are a great thing for seasonal solutions as they are easy way to install and quickly to remove the anchor system for your tent. Proper anchoring will also give you a more overall installation.
  • Tent Storage Lighting Kits: Having a well-lit shelter provides you with safety and overall visibility inside your shelter. By installing several lights on your shelters frame you can easily use your shelter, 24 seven. The storage lighting kits are designed to be durable and handle all weather conditions.

Large Storage Tents Are Your Best Low-Cost Storage Solution

Though you’ll still be able to find affordable "storage tents", large storage setups can end up being quite expensive, depending on its size, frame and fabric. You better take a good look around – and don’t forget to use online price checkers – before you actually commit to any apparently good deal. Being able to order your tent from anywhere around the world comes in handy, particularly if you’re looking for a low cost storage solution tent.

The Best Cabin Tents, Super-sized Tent Camping Tips for the Whole Family
Enter the world of family-sized Camping: Cabin Tents suitable for entire families and more.Large family tents are perfect for setting up camp for a large number of people. Instead of setting up a number of smaller tents, some people prefer a large cabin tent where they can all socialize.

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