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Best Truck Tents | Create Your Own Mobile Camping Ground

Truck tents allow you to easily transform the back of your truck into the perfect camping ground. It’s quite ingenious, and I still wonder why so many people don’t use these truck tents more often. Though you might be fooled into thinking you need a big truck to accommodate these tents, that’s not entirely true: there are tents suitable not only for SUV’s and Minivans, but also for smaller vehicles like common hatchbacks.Truck Tents,Tents,Tent in back of Truck.

 Vehicle Tents Add Extra Comfort When Your Truck Is Your Sleeping Quarters

If you usually go out camping in your vehicle, you’ll be amazed with the extra comfort your vehicle can provide. Sure, there are some tents out there that are already amazing, but combining the advantages of tents with the versatility of your own truck cargo area makes it even better. Furthermore, these truck tents are usually easier to set up (though you might have to try it out a couple of time first.)

Features You Should Be Looking for in Your Truck Tents

Truck tents are a great way to protect yourself at night when you're camping. The benefit of your truck tent will keep you away from irritating nighttime insects, animals and keep you up the dirt(which means you stay cleaner at night). Truck tents are most designed for a particular make and model of truck but they also have the same features. Some coming with drop gates, or lift gates or even camper tops. And the length of the bed of the truck matters in the design. Whether it's a short bed or a long bed truck.

Truck Tent Bed Features:

  • Products Durability Ratings: check to see what the tent has to offer. Such as how waterproof, windproof and on the more aggressive weather conditions storm proof the tent is. How comfortable will you be airing these weather conditions and how long will your tent last.
  • Bed Tent Exterior Size and Weight: this will affect whether the tent is too heavy, and you need someone else to help you set it up. It also effects on where you will store your unit when not in use.
  • Bed Tent Interior Capacity: typical designs for a bed tent for your truck will fit two adults comfortably. Some may say that the capacity is for three adults or two adults and two children. Considering that you are only dealing with the capacity that your truck has to offer, you have to decide if that's going to be crowded or not. There are a few truck tents that are designed to open up beyond the size of your vehicle. Kodiak Canvas Short Truck Bed Full-size Tent:Fabric Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas.

Truck Tents Are Both Comfortable and Convenient

If you take it seriously, before investing in an expensive camping tent you should seriously consider these "truck tents". Just browse around the numerous online catalogs and check what you can turn your truck into. If you think you’re still better off with a regular tent, go ahead and do it – but trust me you’ll feel a bit silly next time you camp right next to someone’s truck with its tent set up in its cargo area. Fortunately, it’s never too late to get one for your own vehicle.

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One of the first and most basic advantages of dome camping tents is how easy they are to set up.A small, one person tent in this style can be set up in less than ten minutes and a larger tent will scarcely take less time.

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