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Tube Tents| Emergency Shelter for When You Need It the Most

Tube Tents are probably the cheapest most effective emergency shelters you can get. Whenever you plan to go camping, or even just go out trekking, this is something everyone should carry in their backpacks. You may have a clear blue sky ahead of you, but you never know when nature may decide to play a trick on you – especially when you’re out in the mountains, hours away from the nearest shelter so having a tube tent is the best way to go.Tube tents, tents, emergency shelters,Tub Tent set up on ground.

 Tube Tents Are Light Weight, Easy to Set up Emergency Shelters When You Need Them

These cheap emergency tents are cheap, require very little space in your backpack, and weigh next to nothing. They’re also easy to set up – which is quite important when you need to set it up in a hurry. You may think these simple plastic tube tents won’t help you much out in the wilderness, but you’d be surprised if you knew just how many people owe their lives to these tent tubes. Its plastic may look cheap, but there’s no better material to shield you away from sun, rain, wind and snow.

Tube tents are designed for emergency preparation

Having a two-person tube tent in your emergency kit is very beneficial. They're perfect for your camping and backpacking supplies. Good idea is to store them in your car, 72 hour kits, in your home for shelter for emergencies. Materials are made with non-perishable, fabric, so always will be on hand when you need it the most. 2.5 mil thick plastic is easy to set up and lightweight to use. It is a great and fit and solution to keep you dry when it is extremely windy or stormy.

Easy to Set up, Easy to Use Emergency Tube Tents Should Be in Every Kit

Following a disaster you may not want to be indoors because of the stability of the buildings that may have been compromised. If you are forced to be outdoors and face the extreme weather conditions at hand whether you are on the road or at home than this is a great shelter solution that is essential that you have in your emergency kit Orange 8' x 6' 11 OZ TUBE TENT - Camping, Backpacking or Backyard Sleep Overs.

Tube Tent Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to set up and assembles minutes.
  • Capacity and size can house and protect two adults.
  • Constructed of durable heavyweight and waterproof (polyethylene) vinyl.
  • Kits will come with 25 foot nylon cord for setting up.
  • Color of tube shelter (orange) easy to see in emergency conditions.
  • Fire retardant

Tube Tents Are Your Cheapest Form of Shelter, Protection in an Emergency

You can find tube survival emergency tents nearly everywhere: from camping to stores to gas stations. Often they come included in portable survival kits including some extra gear you’ll appreciate having if you ever end up needing it. Considering it’s extremely low cost, there’s no excuse not to have one of these on everyone’s backpack. You can even carry a couple around in your vehicle just in case.

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