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Best Wenzel Tents| Wenzel Camping Tents Are Your Top Choice for Camping Equipment

You would think all tents are created alike, but when you have a look at Wenzel Tents you will understand why some people won’t settle for anything less. Considering they are helping campers enjoy the great outdoors experience for over 120 years that should be enough to give them some credit, right? So, let’s jump in and see what this is all about; what makes Wenzel tents so special?Wenzel Tents, Wenzel camping tents,Green lake with roky shore.

Wenzel Has a Wide Range of Fun Outdoor Accessories for You to Enjoy

Wenzel has a large number of different products, ranging from hammocks and gazebos for your backyard to mats, sleeping bags, airbeds, and – of course – tents. No matter what kind of tent you need, you’re sure to find it at Wenzel. From 2 to 8 person tents (and even shower tents) you’ll be able to choose Wenzel tents to match your exact need, whether it’s an easy to set up dome tent or a larger grand lodge cabin tent suitable for your entire family. Wenzel Alpine 8.5 X 8-Feet Dome Tent (Light Grey/Blue/Gold):3-person, 3-pole pentadome tent,2 mesh windows and D-style front door.

Types of Camping Tents to Choose from:

  • Family Camping Tents: These tents are designed to have a larger square footage and be roomier tents so they can sleep more people and hold extra storage. When choosing your tent you should consider your need of how much sleeping area you will need and how much standing room that you require while moving around and socializing in the tent. Also take into consideration how much room you would like to put aside for storing your other camping gear.
  • Dome Tents: These are designed and constructed so that they are self-supporting and still can be moved around after you have set them up. The benefit of this is you can move it to where you would like it to be before you actually stay down and secure it to the ground. Dome tents usually have less headroom than the cabin tent, domes designs will usually not have separate screen rooms or canopies, but allow you for easier and faster set up and tear down times.
  • Tent Cabins/Large Tents: Typically, as you would think this will give you more headroom and a lot more living area to move around in. Because of the size of this tent it will be more difficult to set up and require a larger camping area/campsite to set up. For more privacy, you can choose a 2 room cabin with a separate screen room when you have several people staying in the tent.
  • Backpacking/Bicycle Camping: this type of tent is designed to be a lightweight tent, smaller and compact (easier carrying) for storage. Typically, these ultra-light tents are a dome shape and are smaller than the family tents.

Wenzel Tents Have Great Features with Their Tents

Wenzel Tents Have Great Waterproof Protection

Whether Armor is a trademark process that gives you a fully integrated weatherproofing fabric system. The benefit of this application will give you protection from the top to the bottom of your tent. Wenzel tents are constructed with a high quality polyester material that encompasses very high strength and reliability. With this application you have the benefit of a high UV resistant material, a great water resistant coating while protecting your colors and strengths of your tent.Wenzel offers you a great ten year warranty.Wenzel camping tents,Backpacking Tents,Tent on rocks in fornt of mountain.

Wenzel Tents Provides You with Sonic Sealed Floors

Wenzel takes it to the next level of tent construction. The tents have been redesigned rate from the manufacturing level. The floors of Wenzel Camping Tents are welded and not sewn like other tents. Because of this type of quality treatment it will eliminate stitching and thus they will have no needle holes that tent to give you more potential for water penetration.

Armor Tough Seems Is What You Should Expect with Wenzel Tents

The construction of the tent is very important to Wenzel. They take the whole body of the tent and use their special technique of double stitched, lapped field seems I will provide you with a well-designed shingle effect, which helps very well in the reflecting of water. To protect all of the double stitches of threads, everything is treated with a superior water repellent application to help to reinforce the protection in all of the critical areas.

Things to Take into Consideration before Purchasing Your Tent

Four Things to Consider When Purchasing a Tent:

  • Determine on the type of camping you will want to do (family camping, backpacking, RV camping).
  • Determine the maximum number of people that will sleep in the tent (think of storage also).
  • Consider the ease of setup and tear down for the tent.
  • Determine the durability (what kind of construction and materials are used) and manufacture warranty.Wenzel Wolf Creek Family Dome Tent:Completely enclose-able screen room,Sleep capacity: 7 footprint: 14 x 9 feet.

Choosing the right tent can be tricky. You need to consider the type of camping you’ll be doing (family camping or backpacking,) its set up method, the number of people sleeping in it, etc. At Wenzel, they have it covered, ensuring that you will find a tent that will last your for many years and knowing that – whenever you need a new tent – you won’t consider buying any other tent but a "Wenzel tent". That’s the secret of their success, and it has been good enough to keep them in the market for over 120 years.

Dome Tents| Dome Camping Tents Are The Best Lightweight Tents For Camping
One of the first and most basic advantages of dome camping tents is how easy they are to set up.A small, one person tent in this style can be set up in less than ten minutes and a larger tent will scarcely take less time.

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