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Best Winter Tents|Cold Weather Snow Proof Camping

Winter Tents may look like all other tents, but while most tents are made to be used in spring, summer and fall, camping out in the snow requires very specific features. If you’re looking for a lightweight tent to enjoy the wilderness in the white season – which is probably the best looking season if you like camping out – you better understand what you’ll be getting into. This is the perfect example where having the right gear is extremely important and winter tents to be the top of your list.Winter Tents, Best Winter Tents,Tents in snow on hill.

 Winter Tents Are Built with a Higher Grade of Insulating Fabrics

This type of tents, also known as weatherproof tents, have higher grade insulation fabrics and materials, and are designed to be resistant to heavy snow and strong winds. The last thing you’d want while camping on a freezing winter night would be for your tent to be blown away leaving you out in the cold. But that is not all, even though these Winter tents must prevent wind and cold from creeping in, they still need to provide adequate ventilation so you don’t wake up in a frost covered sleeping bag. Eureka K-2 XT Tent: 3-Person 4-Season One Color, One Size:Weight 13.4 pounds .

Extreme Weather Winter Camping Tents Are Usually Canvas Material

For the most extreme weather winter camping tent your choice would obviously be the heavy canvas tents with a stove. This is the best If you plan on staying in the outdoors for long periods of time. The specially designed tents good functional living space by using a design that utilizes interior framing that will match the slope of the walls and the ridgeline of the tent. This will give you the benefit of having the maximum floor that you can use and will also grace your heating efficiency.

Important Features for a High Quality Winter Tent:

  • Inner walls should be breathable walls (made of the right material/fabric).
  • Tent should have good quality YKK zippers for reinforcement.
  • Tent should have well-constructed strong DAC frames.
  • Guy line points for additional strength.
  • Guy out points and stake out points should be designed with extra reinforcements.
  • Seems should be taped all over the fly and tent, including all reinforcements.

Four Season Tents Are Your Best Choice for a Winter Camping Tent

The four season tents are specially manufactured to help you protect yourself in heavier weather conditions. They are usually constructed with extra poles with low curved shapes that help allow it to shed high wind volumes and to reduce the snow build up on the tent. They also add extra guy- points and lines that give you more options when you are staking.Four Season Tents,Best Winter Tents,Tent in open field with snow.

Their overall thickness of fabric is usually heavier with added thicker waterproof coatings that give them the benefit of extra waterproofing. Because of this extra protection they are usually less well ventilated and tend to collect more interior conversation then other tents. The four season tent gives you more protection for weather but also means that you have more weight and size to pack. The stands are more suited for winter camping, mountaineering or ski touring.

Features to consider with a four season tent:

  • Breathable Tent Material: The tent should be breathable for many benefits from moisture buildup to cooling aspects. Having the inner part of the tent with breathable material allows it to breathe but still offer thermal protection. This venting also protects against the condensation.
  • Tent Fly Vent Covers: There should be covers over top of the fly vents, allowing for protection against blowing snow and rain (this is so that you can open for ventilation and close for protection).
  • Well-built Strong Tent Frame: The frame on a four season tent should be stronger than your regular tents to allow for extra durability to withstand tougher weather conditions.
  • Vestibules with ground flaps: This gives you the benefit to keep the vestibule down during high winds, so the wind will not be blowing underneath. Backside T-9 4 person 4 season Tent (Olive/Green):With Aircraft aluminum poles and stakes durable but lightweight.

Winter Camping Will Provide You with Unique Moments

Camping out in the snow will provide unique moments you will remember for the rest of your life. It’s your job to make sure those moments are mostly good. For that, you just need to make sure you won’t try to use your summer camping gear in the winter. It’s not that hard to figure out; summer and winter conditions require their own specific gear. I can assure you will find the price you pay for your "winter tent" to be worth it the first night you spend out there.

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